The Modern Drinking Water Alternative -
The Healthy Water Systems Way Without the Bottle

Healthy Water Systems, produces unlimited pure drinking water right in your office or plant. We use municipal water; processed through our triple filtration and ultraviolet sterilization process to remove all the contaminants providing you with healthy water at a fraction of the cost of the bottled alternative.

This means:

Healthier, happier employees - less absenteeism

Lower costs plus elimination of the hidden costs

Virtually no environmental impact

Eliminate potential for increased workers compensation claims

Healthy Water Systems is the perfect way to enjoy clean, crisp and safe, filtered drinking water without the hassle of dealing with heavy bottles, inventory, delivery schedules and high cost.

So for peace of mind choose the Healthy Water Systems way.

What our customers say!

"The fact your system provides greater protection than any other we looked at was the main reason we decided to accept your proposal. The $8,000 per year savings was an added benefit."

"As you projected the cost savings are dramatic, thanks again for providing us with a system that is all it was promised."

"The water tastes great and it appears we will save almost $13,000.00 this year alone. We anticipate the savings growing to almost $150,000.00 over the next 10 years - just as you projected."

"Everything is performing as promised. The water tastes as it should, we have no more bottled water considerations and we are saving a considerable amount of money - almost $10,000 so far!"

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