Nick Barisheff
Founder and Principal

In early 2000, the founder and principal of Millennium Water Technologies Inc, Nick Barisheff, conceived the idea of providing safe, healthy, great tasting and economical water for the industrial and commercial markets.

His passion for information and answers to the problems presented by this market led to a tremendous amount of research on the subject. There were two key benefits to this quest for accurate information. The first is a book titled " Drinking Water: Panacea Or Poison? " For more information on this excellent book please click on the title.

The second key benefit is a system that has delivered on the promise of safe, healthy, economical water. Today we are proud to name many of Canada's largest corporations as satisfied customers of the Healthy Water System.

David Burke
General Manager

In a world where the problems with contaminated water continue to grow we are committed to providing the very best in solutions and products to ensure safe and healthy water for all our clients.

We hope you find this web site to be helpful and informative in your quest to provide quality water for your associates and employees.

If we can provide either additional information or a cost analysis please either contact us or complete the savings request information form.

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