Why Healthy Water Systems…

Healthy Water Systems eliminates many actions required with bottled water.

Healthy Water Systems eliminates…

  • Ordering bottled water
  • Storing full & empty bottles
  • Lifting heavy bottles
  • Possible Workman's Compensation claims
  • Deposits and/or fluctuating bills
  • Inventory control
  • Staff time changing bottles
  • Wiping up spills
  • Threat of bacterial contamination
  • Shelf life concerns
  • Concern about water purity
  • "Rent-for-ever" programs
  • Pollution

Look at the benefits…

  • Healthy water is produced through filtration & ultraviolet light sterilization
  • Essential trace minerals are retained
  • Specific systems for municipal and well water
  • Multiple coolers - one filtration system per location
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Purchase and lease options available
  • Savings up to 75% less than bottled water

The Healthy Water System is designed to remove harmful microorganisms, chemical impurities and heavy metals while leaving healthy trace minerals and the good taste.

Join the companies already using Healthy Water Systems and saving up to 75% off their current bottled water expenses. See savings comparison or contact us for more information

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