We provide three services:

  1. Industrial/Commercial System Design
  2. System and Product Installation
  3. System Maintenance

System Design

We are the idea people.
First we do a careful assessment of the clients needs in terms of water consumption, employee access points and physical layout of plant or office. Based on the assessment we provide a general layout. Included would be details such as the size of filters, location or locations, flow meters, anti scaling devices, size of ultraviolet (UV) system and number of coolers. The layout is then reviewed with the client to ensure that his/her expectations are being met

Assuming the general layout is approved we then submit a detailed plan for the project along with finalized costs. There is a nominal charge for the detailed plans, which are deducted from project investment on the final invoice.

System Installation

Once client approval is obtained the installation is scheduled. A trained installer or even a crew is booked. Based on shift preferences, shut down periods etc the installation is started.

Time frames vary but generally from approval date a system can be in and running in a 2 to 3 week period. The above comments refer primarily to major installations with multiple coolers. We also do single cooler installations based on several filter UV configurations. These can be done in a matter of hours.

System Maintenance

The typical maintenance program for a multiple cooler installation is scheduled twice yearly. Usually the master unit filters are changed twice a year, the filter housings sanitized and the UV lamp sleeve cleaned. Once a year the UV lamp is changed, then the overall system is checked for leaks or damage.

Once this part has been completed each individual cooler is cleaned externally and the reservoir cleaned and sanitized. Particular attention is paid to the taps, which can be an easy source of contamination or bacteria. We have a double check system to track maintenance. We maintain our regular office records and also tag each cooler and unit with the date of each maintenance or service call.

In addition to providing the maintenance for our own installations we will provide the same high level of quality service to other companies who may wish to have this service.

While there is no current legislation requiring specific cooler maintenance it is undoubtedly something that will happen. At present it is just good business to maintain safe drinking water as it will help to cut down on sickness and absenteeism.

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