The Healthy Water Triple Filtration & Ultraviolet Sterilization System

Healthy Water Systems designs, installs, maintains and guarantees water filtration and drinking water systems that are consistently Healthy, Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective.

Our drinking water systems greatly reduce or eliminate viruses, bacteria and cysts, chemical and organic contaminants, heavy metals, excess iron, chlorine and sulphur - whatever the water source. The process does not, however, change the pH or remove essential trace minerals.

The Reverse Osmosis process, used by most bottled water marketers, eliminates ALL minerals. Our filtered drinking water systems dispense an unlimited supply of superior quality, contaminant free, great tasting and HEALTHY water.

Harmful elements are removed - healthy minerals are retained. It is well documented that a deficiency of essential trace minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium will result in health consequences that are just as serious as those caused by contaminants.

Triple Filtration System with Ultraviolet Light Sterilization

The supplied cooler, as well as our Water Filtration System, incorporates three high-capacity high-quality filters. Purification is accomplished by running municipal water through a 3-stage process using a different filtration media at each stage plus an Ultraviolet Light (UV) Sterilizer.

THE FIRST STAGE utilizes a Polydepth Sediment Filter with a 1-micron rating. It reduces extra-fine sand, dirt, silt, rust and scale particles. It also serves to extend the life of the other two filters.

THE SECOND STAGE, 0.5 Micron Coconut Carbon Block Cartridge. Designed to remove volatile organic carbon compounds such as insecticides, pesticides, chlorine, cysts, asbestos and some heavy metals from the water.

THE THIRD STAGE is a combination cartridge consisting of the patented KDF and coconut-granulated carbon. KDF media consists of a high-purity copper-zinc alloy that effectively reduces, by up to 98%, the Chlorine, Iron, Hydrogen Sulphide, Heavy Metals (such as Lead, Cadmiun, Mercury, Chromium and most other dissolved heavy metals) that may be present in the water. The KDF reduces bacteria and other microorganisms. The granular activated carbon is specially formulated to provide the polishing for taste and odour improvement.

Ultraviolet Light Sterilization

The final stage in our system incorporates a stainless steel UV Sterilizer. The UV inactivates Viruses, Bacteria and Cysts and keeps the lines clear of algae.

All of our drinking water systems deliver unlimited pure, healthy and great tasting drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water!

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